Thursday, May 19, 2011

pretty people

On Monday, I met Karen for dinner...
How gorgeous is this bride-to-be??
We had a great time catching up and giggling as always. :)

And now, as promised
is a little montage of cute kiddos
from the past couple weeks...
Hope some of my fave lil' nuggets made you smile. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!
(The Bruins went up 2-1 in the Easter Conference Finals tonight...
so that's a pretty great start!!) :)


  1. One of my favorites pics is the kids on the step! Legs crossed, casual pose, and maybe a wink? Way to cute!

  2. Cute pictures of pretty people these are! Have a super duper weekend, sweet Crystal xxxxxx

  3. Such sweet sweet little ones...I love seeing all those smiling faces. xoxoxox

  4. CUTENESS to the MAX! :)
    Sounds like you and Karen had a nice/FUN time. Where did you go for dinner?
    Love you!