Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Last night, Brian, my G.B.F. (gay best friend) for nearly a decade
got married!! :) :) :)
It was a beautiful ceremony.
I provided the music, singing "His Eye is on the Sparrow."
I sing because I'm happy...
I sing because I'm free.
Lowell 99ers past and present :)
 Of course, we all had a great time...
It was BRIAN and ARTHUR'S WEDDING!! :) :) :)

Monday was their "bachelorette" party,
so, after babysitting all day 
(I'm going to post a whole bunch of awesome kiddo pics mid week)
I headed up to L-town for the festivities. :)
Haaaa!! My new favorite picture!!
Glenn in the "That's Hot!" shirt I got at the beach a few years ago...
It has become a running joke in our group of friends.
I brought it so we could officially welcome Arthur into our circle. :)
And, Glenn, well...he just really likes the shirt. ;)
We took the party to "our bar," the Mitt,
and, inevitably...a dance party ensued. :) :) :)

 Congratulations Bri and Arthur!!
K and I wish you all the best and all the love in the world! :)

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