Friday, May 6, 2011

oh, happy day!!

Well, it certainly was a happy day in this household!!
The Bruins SWEPT the Philadelphia Flyers tonight!!
They are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1992!!
I didn't mention that they were on the brink of winning the series
because last year...well, they broke our hearts. 
Not this year, baby!! We will be smiling for days!! :) :) :)

Another thing that made me smile today...
I headed out for a run on an absolutely gorgeous day,
and when I pushed play on my shuffle...
the Glee soundtrack began to play!!
I practically sprinted around my whole town today!!
What a sweet little gift from my Sweet. :) :) :)

Music is great motivation for me 
as a runner who is coping with a hatred for running. ;)
Another wonderful motivation has been my favorite team from
Biggest Loser Couples.
Sisters, Olivia and Hannah
have both lost about 100 pounds!!
This week was Makeover Week,
look how amazingly, gorgeous they both look!!
It's awesome to share in their weight-loss journey
as I continue my own. :)

Happy weekend, ya'll :)
Go run in the sun!!


  1. Yea for music! More motivation for running!
    Love watching Biggest Loser. My fav is Olivia and boy can she sing!

  2. I'd really rather walk and talk around the block. I think it's much more fun than to run in the sun! :) But that could be why your weight loss journey is so much more successful than mine!!! Keep up the good work, Crystal! I'm proud of you!
    See you tomorrow!

  3. Good for you my friend...keep at it! Running is not for me...I walk! Use to I have a bad knee but I love to walk.

    Those girls inspire! wow. hugs