Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bits and baubles...

So, you know I got mini pumpkins at the Orchard on Saturday.
I also got this cute sequined pillow (to replace my Summer one) for my porch....
Loved the way the sun was coming through the blinds when I got home from the gym today. :)
I should do a whole blog about the porch...
It is becoming my favorite room...
Sooo...we also got apples...and all my playdate GFs had all been apple picking recently...
So I made a fruit dip for playdate. :)
The fruit dip is that "pink stuff" :)
It's just WW cream cheese, raspberry fluff, and seedless sugar-free blackberry preserves
(a slightly modified recipe from WW magazine)
Everyone loved it. :)
Johnna said, "Forget the apples, just hand me a SPOON!!"
The other dish is my own creation...
it's made with WW cream cheese (again! LOVE this stuff!!),
DeliSelects Roast Beef (have also used ham) which is 1 pt for SIX slices,
and fat free shredded mozzarella-warmed until the cheese melts, in the oven.
Everyone LOVED it. :)
Speaking of WW...
This week I lost 1.8 pounds 
and reached a total loss of
It's been a long journey from 25 to 35 
but I have become stronger along the way!!
And I am in much better shape!!
I have been playing basketball and working out with my cousin, Stephanie
 (doing an hour on the treadmill is not something I would have endeavored before)
also, I have a new Kick Boxing Cardio partner, my friend, Kate!!
We kick ass with our cute, pink gloves!! :)

So, back to playdate...

We had a super-fun day at Jen and Jordan's :)
Back at home 
Livi colored...
And was her cute, little self!! :) "CHEEEEEESE!!!"


  1. What a little darling Livi is and congratulations for loosing 35 pounds! I want to loose 5 and I can't even do that! Will be following along! Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you!

  2. Congratulations to you, sweet Crystal, you go girl!
    I saw I wasn't following you officially yet, from now on, I do >^_^<
    HAve a happy day xxx

  3. I think WW should put you in their commercials!
    You could be wearing your pink GLOVES!!!! Love'em!

    Your playdates are so much fun. Do you ever invite big kids, like me?

  4. What a fun fall post my friend...your sweetpea is adorable. xoxo

    >^_^< so cute...I had to see if I could make the same face Saskia it