Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playgroup Halloween!!

Today was our Playdate Halloween party. :)
This picture may look like it was pretty easy to get a group picture...not so much. 
More to come on that later...

Before costumes, the kids played out in the yard at Sarah's house.
Ty and Caroline played what I can only describe as...
"King of the Rock."
I think it's pretty easy to tell who won!!

HAAAA!!! :)
It's funny because he didn't REALLY throw her off...
To be perfectly honest, this isn't even the order in which I actually took these photos. :)
But once I saw them, I just had to post it in this order. :)

The kiddos played outside
then Sarah (our resident baker) brought out cupcakes for them to decorate. :)

Now, COSTUMES!!! :)
A little pink Aiplane :)
And a MONKEY!!
"I hot."
It was 75 degress yesterday!!
Unseasonably hot.
The kids were pretty cooperative, considering. :)
and Spiderman, a kitty, a dinosaur,
and Johnna made Jada this awesome Juice Box costume. :)
Jen made Jordan's airplane costume, too.
I was so impressed. :)
Looking GOOD!!
For a few seconds, then Linda makes some adjustments. :)
And a headless juice box!! "Jada!!!" 
"Ooh, ooh, ah, ah!!"
Just like we practiced. :)
The a scary skeleton (Ronnie) got home from school...

Up in the playhouse. :) I like how the foliage is showing in the sunlight.
And this one, of the boys...PURE JOY!! :) :) :)

It was a beautiful Autumn day with best friends and sweet, wonderful children.
Doesn't get much better than that...  :) :) :)


  1. That looks like big fun, Crystal! Laughing children are soooo precious.
    enjoy your Thursday and happy happy HAPPY HALLOWEEN to YOU xxxx

  2. Adorable...some pretty creative costumes...I remember those days...enjoy every moment...they fly away so fast.

    Happy weekend. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo