Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Bake Sale

This weekend my restaurant is having a bake sale to benefit our local Boys & Girls Club :)
I worked at the B&G Club for years while working in Lowell and hope to continue that tradition.
For the bake sale I am making "funfetti" cookies (in the style of the "Pillsbury family")
and my Gram's World Famous Peanut Butter Squares. :)
First batch is looking good :)
( just wait til the frosting, orange sugar, and sprinkles)
on to PBSquares...
for the recipe see my Momma's BLOG
It's funny that she posted the recipe last year at Halloween :)
It's also funny that the funfetti cookies I made look like the cookies on the sugar package :)
(maybe i just think everything is funny...) ;)
While they chilled out in the fridge to set I rinsed more dishes...
I was proud of myself for rinsing as I went. :)
AND that I didn't have one single bite (not even a lick of a finger) the whole time I baked!! 
Not even frosting or peanut butter!!
HA HA It's all about winning these SMALL BATTLES!! :)
Do the pics make you wanna come to the bake sale?? ;)
Of course, I saved some for Gram :)
And..because there aren't enough hours in the day..
I wrapped them up in little baggies at work
with pumpkin colored yarn. :)
For work I am dressing up as a "TwiHard"
-Twilight Saga Die Hard- 
Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend
and avoids the houses that give apples or pretzels...
you know who you are... ;)


  1. Happy Happy Halloween, sweet Crystal. We do not celebrate it that much, but I will eat the treats today, and everyday a bit ;)

  2. no halloween celebration here in belgium. it's kinda weird, not to see anybody dressed up in costume, no yards decorated with styrofoam gravestones, and no haunted houses. :-/

    whatever; we went skiing. :)

  3. Yum...those cookies interest me ...they look amazing. I am a sprinkle girl...add sprinkles to it and I will eat it. You did an amazing job!

    Happy November. xoxo

  4. Hope your Halloween party was a great one, Crystal! xxxx