Sunday, October 17, 2010

football, friends, foliage :)

I'm all about an alliteration :)
This weekend we drove north to Laconia, New Hampshire
to visit our friends, Scotty and Kristen.
K has been friends with Scotty since Elementary School :)
He helped us move into our very first apartment...
And he was K's Best Man at our wedding :)
He's the Mr. Clean look-a-like ;)
He's had a lot of hairstyles over the years!! :)

It was so great we got to come visit.
It was a weekend FULL of FOOTBALL!
The Pats won in OVERTIME!!
And it was the return of Superbowl MVP Deion Branch :)
It was an awesome game!!

This morning, before the game,
I went for a run...
But was distracted several times and took some pics on my phone :) do I not stop and enjoy the view?????

It was an awesome weekend :)
Kris n Crys looking cute ;)
K n Scotty lookin...SLEEPY

Happy Monday, All!!! :) :) :)

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  1. So cute...looks like a fun weekend. Rest up for the next one! tee hee. xoxo