Friday, May 21, 2010

fun day...long night

These are the shoes I wore to wait tables tonight.
Not your standard black, non-slip boring (possibly velcro) shoes you'd expect on a waitress...although I've got those. But those shoes...they were AT HOME ON MY PORCH!!
So, my little friend Leah saved the day and I wore these shoes (as opposed to the flesh colored flip flops that were my only other option). This little Leah, well her feet are little, too. These shoes were at least half a size too small and I thought for sure that after eight hours and CLOSING the restaurant that when I took them off, my pinky toes would be left as a thank you.
Alas, my feet are intact. Let's go back now to the fun part of my day...

I shopped for a 60th birthday present for my best friend, Carina's Mom.
I started with a bottle of "Relax" Riesling. I thought I'd get a bunch of spa stuff that went with the pretty blue bottle. Then I browsed at Marshall's and decided to go a whole different direction when I found two really cool hand-blown wine glasses that seemed very HER. :)

Then I wanted to look for a hatbox to put the wine and glasses in. Then I found this GORGEOUS "toolbox." I found some pretty candles and a plate to put the big blue candle on. I was really happy with the way it all turned out. (note: usually I'd regale you with sale prices and the amazing deals I got with all the specifics, but since it's a gift...I'll just say I stayed just within my $50.00 dollar budget-including the wine)
I used some pink tissue paper from my birthday (REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE) to ensure my gift's safe trip to the Birthday Brunch tomorrow.
Like my mother before me, I look forward to having the prettiest package on the gift table. :)

And then...I got to hang out with my nephew for a little while before work. He was right down the street at my Auntie Pam's (I LOVE being HOME). He played with his "manimals" that my cousin Amanda got him just today. He knew the names of all the animals!! Not just cute, but smart, too!! I sure do love this kiddo!!!

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  1. Oh yes.... you WILL have the prettiest gift on the table!!! That box is so darn cute just like your nephew.
    And as for the shoes, I want a pair! I bet you got more tips because of them.