Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feelin' HOT! HOT! HOT!

It's been between 95 and 102 here the past two days!! (Yes, it is still May, according to the calendar though, if one woke up from a coma, one would no doubt believe it to be a balmy mid-august!!) Today is a gorgeous 73 and it suits me just fine. :)
I love the heat (and hate the cold) but I'm not sure I was ready to see 100 degrees on the thermometer QUITE yet. I had a softball game last night, too and it sure was hot even then, I drank two big Gatorades and then wondered where they went. :)
On Tuesday, we took the kiddos to the playground for a picnic for play-date. It was fun but all the slides and swings and everything was so HOT!!!! The poor kids little legs and buns could hardly stand it!!! So we went to my mom and dad's house and I filled up the kiddie pool and wet down the slide and swings with the hose to cool everything off and the kids loved it.
I think my mom's gonna let me host play-date at her house soon. Maybe when school gets out so she can meet all the kids and hang out with my friends, too. That would be fun. :)
For picnic I made lunch for the grown-ups, a "Crystal Salad" my friend, Jen called it because Sarah asked me what kind of salad it was and I told her, "I dunno. I made it up."
And I made cookies that I had since I forgot I had them for Easter. The kids didn't mind the bunnies on the cookies one bit. I thought they may hope for an accompanying Easter basket but Jordan just said, "Ooooooh, a RABBIT!!"
The "Crystal Salad" ingredients are: Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, reduced fat shredded asiago cheese, sunflower seeds, pink lady apples, craisins, and OF COURSE my homemade WW croutons :)...and for the dressing I mixed together fat-free Cranberry Balsamic (made by Maple Grove Farms) and Lite Ranch, because I love the cranberry but it can get a little too acidic so the creaminess of the Ranch takes that little edge off. My friends raved about my salad and I must say it was pretty darn good. :)
Then, there's Livi at the playground, and Liv and Jordan on the swings back at my parents house where the cold water from the hose saved the day.

Last night, K and I had our own private fireworks display in the form of beautiful purple heat lighting that we could see from our porch. K explained why there's no audible thunder and I let the information wash over me as I often do, much to his chagrin and decided, beyond science, I would call the heat lightning "polite-ning" because it's very sweet of it to be so pretty to look at and and not scare anyone or keep them awake with loud claps of thunder. K wouldn't quite admit that my term was cute, at the very least...but I saw him smirk, just a little. ;)

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  1. WOW! That pic of the polite-ning :) is amazing!
    If playdate is at my house do I get some "Crystal Salad?" I could go for some right now! Sounds delish!
    Too bad I didn't tell you before (You know how I love a theme!) Your cookies were perfect for a lunch in the backyard! I've been spotting a bunny under the crabapple tree every morning for several weeks!
    Love you!