Wednesday, May 5, 2010

car shopping and sox winning :)

I have been a busy girl...on Monday I rented a car to pursue a NEW CAR ( to me...)
I had an unfortunate accident and although initially I thought the damage was minimal I WAS WRONG.
The insurance agency declared the car a "total loss" --- TOTALED!!! (to the lay person)
I felt like I was punched in the stomach when I heard the news. WE HAD JUST PAID OFF THE CAR!!
Literally I had the accident on Monday and the title came in the mail on Tuesday!!
I was crying when I spoke on the phone with the insurance agent and he assured me "This happens WAY more often than you would think."
It helped a little to think that I was not the ONLY ONE!! :)
And then what helped even more was, on a pit-stop on my car buying journey...I went trot trot to Boston to go to the RED SOX!!!
My BFF Alanna got me tickets for my birthday!!

and then...
i found my dream car...

Well, this is what it would look like parked by the ocean!! :)
Got me a 98 Volvo V70 Wagon and it fits me like a charm. :)
I felt so awful about the accident...but now I feel really at home with this car. :)
Maybe it's true...what's meant to be will be :)

And...I'm willing to take a full-time position as Mike Lowell's GLC (good luck charm) he went 4-for-4 with 3 doubles and 4 ribbies...and he is my BASEBALL there's a possibility I'd work pro bono ;)


  1. Can't wait to go for a ride! Your Mama's happy because Volvos are known for their safety features! :)

  2. My Mama's happy cuz she knows how much we can pack in at a yard sale!!!! LOLOL <3 you!!

  3. Happy for all the right and good reasons to have a new car. Sounds like it's a great fit.
    Plus a ballgame, you scored a home run.