Friday, December 10, 2010

where the heck have i been???

Well, I've been with my LiviGirl and getting stressed about Christmas...
Like everything I put it off and put it off...
like I did with my hair...and now I finally got it done
 (just in time for my friend Linda's holiday party this weekend...)
I'll be wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress 
borrowed from my dear friend, Johnna. :) 
Sweet has VOLUNTEERED to wear a (second-hand but super-cute) tie that matches perfectly. :)

I am exhausted from Christmas shopping...
But my mom and I did have a little fun...
And with all the stress of the holidays...W.W. has launched a whole new system...
nothing has the POINTS it once did...
Meals, snacks, and pretty much EVERYTHING has DOUBLED in points
but you can eat all the FRUIT you want...
I drove home feeling disheartened 
by work and shopping and all the distractions
that take away from what Christmas is really about...

But then...
I heard Guster's newest song.
K has told only his closest that we fell in love to "Lost and Gone Forever"
belting it out on the highway when we were just kids...
We fantasized about them playing at our wedding
in my parent's back yard...
Now...they've put out a song
I can only play it over and over again...
and hope that we can book them for our 25th anniversary
and our 50th :)

We were young, twenty one, all those years ago
In came a fascination, everything is under control
Full of life, untried, through thickets and through thorns
Out came a revelation, everything is out of control

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it now?
Want it, but you don't know how?
Have it, as much as anybody ever has?
I wanna wake you from your dream,
I wanna know just who you're talking to when your singin' in your sleep
I wanna find out what it means
Do you love me?

I got marbles in my mouth

Thousand words I wanna say but it's impossible to spit em out
I can barely make a sound
Do you love me?

Now we're fine, all right, but all those days are gone

We read our constellations, everything is under control
Are you tired, I'm tired
The TV sparks and glows
The news man gives information, everything is under control

Do you feel it?

Do you feel it now?
Do you love me?


  1. Love Guster:) I saw them in 2003 or 2004 when they opened for John Mayer and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to!

    They lyrics to the new song are very sweet ♥

  2. Your new hairdo is cute. It really brings out your eyes. Keep up the WW's. You are looking great.
    Don't forget to take pics of you and K! Got to see.

    By the way, you still are a kid, just look at that picture with the hat on! You are so funny.