Friday, December 17, 2010

2nd-hand holidays

I did a little thrifting on Wednesday...
Wednesday, you see, is half price day at the Salvation Army.
I got all this loot for $36.00...
A Grinch shirt for my Dad and a Charlie Brown tee for me 
(for work on Christmas Eve...don't worry, I'm just working lunch.
We are having a party. :))
I got my dad a little football frame and 
I'm going to put the Caron Family Football 2010 pic inside. :)
Two little amber bottles with leaf details for Jade, 
they reminded me of her beautiful fall wedding...
Two pairs of jeans and a pair of Aeropostale sweats-all $2.00 each!! :)
And..what might be the best deal of the day...
A Sox JERSEY for $2.00!! Perfect for K!! :)

all told...
that's 2 pairs of jeans,
a pair of sweats, 5 t-shirts,
a Sox jersey, 4 kid books, 4 novels,
2 amber bottles, a football frame, a glass giraffe, 
a keepsake box, an ornament, a tree with pink candle holders,
Mary Engelbreit postcards...
and a partridge in
a pear treeeeee!!!

Happy Christmas Preparations to ALL
and to all a Happy Friday Night!! :)


  1. Oh how I love this post!
    Very cute how you made the tree.
    And I love that you give thrift gifts. All mine are either thrift or handmade.
    K will be thrilled!

  2. Way to go....saving money....recycling and thinking of those you love. Happy Jolly Winter to you.

  3. Oh, yes, you ARE a girl after my own heart! Great gift ideas! Don't worry! Your secrets are safe with me! And I do love that creative Christmas tree!
    Love you, cutes!

  4. 1/2 price days are my favorite!! I love when Savers has half price sales, I usually do very well:) Merry Christmas to you and K, hope you can come see us soon!

  5. Hey....great shopping my are my kinda girl.

    Hugs for a great week.......I can't believe how close Christmas is! xoxoxo

  6. Enjoy joy joy these last days before CHRISTMAS, Crystal.
    Have a merry lovely happy Christmastime xxxx