Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Kenny's and my family. :)
I cooked for all of us and enjoyed all the chopping and preparations
 In the morning, the guys played football in the biting cold.
I went out to take some photos for as long as I could stand it.
My Pepere was out there!! He just turned 74!!
The kiddos were there to cheer them on, but D kept saying, "I cold!!"
Caron Family Football 2010

Then I had to go in and prepare the hors d'oeuvres...
 Then started making sure all the sides were HOT and ready to rock!! 
If you didn't make a didn't do it right!!! ;)
THE BIRD!! Came out Delicious!!
Made me remember how nervous I was last year, the very first time I cooked...
Mom posted this blog...

It's taken me a few days to post because
K and I went to Laconia for the weekend to celebrate Scotty's 30th birthday. :)
We had such a fun weekend!!
I wish they weren't so far away!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving...
we all have so much to be thankful for. :)


  1. You've been busy! But that's not news.
    Food looks really good. And after a hard game of football, I'm sure there wasn't much in the way of leftovers.
    Just how cold was it?

  2. What a fun time...I just love Family and Food...blessings all around.

    Hugs my sweet friend. xoxo

  3. Hi sweet Cyrstal, these are lovely pictures of a wonderful happy time!
    Sorry for not visiting earlier, I have been under the weather but now I almost feel like dancing again ;)
    Much love for a sweet Sunday and a great new week xxxx