Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bethanie!!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Beth!!
Her birthday was on Thursday. I met her and her friends for dinner and 
we did not stop laughing the whole time!! We had an amazing time.
B is not only my sister, she is one of my very best friends. :)

The Patriots won last week for her little LiviGirl,
and this week for her!!
The Pats beat the Colts this week 31-28.
It was a great game!! (because WE WON!!!) ;)

Look at Danny Woodhead!!
So obviously the "little guy."
He scored a touchdown and then made the tackle on the ensuing kick-off!!
It was AWESOME!!
He does things and gain yards that are earned only by true determination.
He should be an example to us all!!

Love you, B!!


  1. Sweet pic! Glad you got to go to Beth's birthday dinner. Love you both all to pieces. Happy Birthday to Bethanie!
    P.S. Go PATS!

  2. Love that first darling. Happy birthday to your Beth! xoxoxo