Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Livi, you are my shinin' star :)

Livi Gracie's Birthday was on Sunday. :)
We celebrated with a party at my parents house that day
and yesterday I hosted a PlayGroup party for my best gal. :)
She is yet to master blowing out the candles...She's blows out her bangs!!! :) :) :)
The kiddos loved the dollhouse from Grammy and Biddy :)
The next day we had some fun dancing in "spinny skirts" :)
Then on Tuesday, we had ANOTHER BDay party for Monkey Girl :)
Jada showing off her CHOCOLATE TEETH!!

Then we went to the Common...cuz Livi is always like, "WE GO OUTSIDE!!"

Love this picture!! Mommas just wanna have FUN!!
:) :) :)
Olivia is one of the best, most important things in my whole life.
I am proud to be a part of her life. :)


  1. All these pictures are as sweet, precious and happy as can be, Crystal. Happy happy belated birthday beautiful Gracie!
    I liked your previous post, the title is fun: Sunday Funday.
    Happy hugs for a fun filled Thursday, my friend xoxoxoxo

  2. Your Gracie is adorable....Happy belated Birthday to her.

    Thank you for that cute shoe story...just had time to read some of my past comments...I agree cute shoes are very imporatant. xoxoxo HUGS