Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sweet summertime :)

I've pretty much only posted about Tornado Relief lately,
since that has been an important part of my life,
but today I am sharing lots of KIDDO PICS
so today's post will be much happier!! :)

Mom and I will be volunteering on Friday and preparing lots of lunches to distribute to those in need.
A HUGE thank you to those who have reached out to help us help them. :) :) :)

Also, I attended my first VBS (Vacation Bible School) planning meeting last night,
I'll be teaching the pre-school class, and we decided that we'll be 
dedicating the week to collecting for tornado victims,
so I am doubly excited for all things VBS!! :)

Okay, so, there has been an abundance of cuteness and sweetness up in here.
I had 5 kids under 5 on Monday, and 3 on Tuesday and hosted playgroup...
Here some pics of some fun in the summer sun.

Last week's playgroup (on our way and) at Johnna's pool...
"Want some?"

On Friday, I came home to these super-cute sandals...
Kenny got them for me (picked them out himself!!!)
and got me a sweet card, too. :)

On Sunday we had Children's Week at church,
which is basically the Sunday School closing program.
Our kiddos sang "Father Abraham" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children."
They rocked it!! They were so cute and funny!! :)

Fast forward a week...I had Ethan and Reece (my friend, Kate's kiddos) on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Mix in a little Dayton, Jordan, and Livi...craziness is sure to ensue!! :) :) :)
We made art :) and went to the common. :)

The next day was playdate...
I discovered "Scrabble Cheeze-Its" and we had some fun with those!!! :)

Reecie-Roo and LiviGracie having cupcakes :)

It was a wonderful (tiring) couple of days. :)
Before playgroup, we went to the grocery store for provisions (COFFEE)
and I gave Ethan four quarters to put into the toy-machine.
He really, really wanted a yellow one (his fave color)
In his quarters went...
Fourth one...YELLOW!!!
I'd say Ethan is pretty clutch in the 4th quarter!!! ;)

Speaking of...
Our beloved Bruins are in Game Seven tonight.
I know my DooDooBirdDayton is excited!! :)
Win or lose I am proud of our B's. 

I B-LIEVE :) :) :)

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