Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday School

Today was week three of helping my sister, Jade teach Pre-School Sunday School at our church. :)
I wanted to post today because I was so proud of Dayton!! He was the star pupil today!! :)
This is his ark. :) 
The lesson today was about the floooooooood :)
This is some pretty awesome art if you ask me!!!
There's my ark, and my snake from last week (my craft goes on the wall so the PRESSURE is on!!!!)
Loving spending time with the kiddos (especially Dayton) :)
and so proud of him and his Momma!!!
She is an awesome teacher!! :)


  1. Oh, to be loved soooo much.
    He is a blessed little guy!

  2. I'm proud of all of you!
    Love, Momma