Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazing Weekend...

This weekend was so much fun!! It was Dayton's Birthday and my best friends from Lowell came to NB for the Spencer Fair.  We had a fire at my Mom and Dad's both nights and had the most amazing time. :)
I am so blessed to have the most wonderful family and friends!! And husband!! :)  Ha Ha I can't forget you, K!! :)
I'll let the photographs tell the story...


  1. Love all the pictures and I think I see a potential Christmas card, in the mix. That is if the crow doesn't mind.

    Great way to end the summer!

  2. Great pics of a FUN week-end! Love the look on Livi's face when she's holding the chick! And I want a copy of the pic of you and D at his party! It's a really good one! :) And I must say...that pic of the piggy is pretty sweet too!
    Love you!