Thursday, August 19, 2010

This "App" really BITES!

I made these "bites" for P and M's party.
They were a big hit!!
Here's how we made them...
Yes, I am becoming that crazy lady taking pictures of the contents of her grocery cart.
Yes, I took it after making sure I was alone in the aisle. :)
Cook the chicken IN barbecue sauce on the stovetop
(after cutting it up into bite-size pieces)
Dice up the a red onion real small and cook that in a little oil, salt and pepper.
 Dice up green peppers.  Those will go on raw.
And get your PERFECT Tostitos scoops ready to get shredded cheese as their bottom layer...
Then add chicken, sauteed onion, green pepper 
and a little more shredded cheese on top (we did that part at the party).
Last step, add a little squeeze of sour scream.
I put in a heavy duty zip-lock bag and cut of the tip (think piping bag) :)
Here we have...our BBQ Chicken Bites.
Here are we chefs at the party,
at which K told my aunt he did "65%" of the work to make the bites.
:) :) :)
I'm not sure the exact ratio, but I was certainly grateful for his help.


  1. The colors of all the food are lovely, combine perfectly pretty. Hugs for a great weekend! xx

  2. Oh my goodness...these are amazing!!!! I am so going to make them. Bet you can't just eat one. Thanks my friend for sharing the joy!

    Hugs for a great great week. xoxoxo

  3. They were "DEELISH"...and all gone in no time!
    ...and VWALA, you made a new word from the French word Voila!
    Love you,

  4. HAAAAAAA!!!!! Kenny actually made fun of me and told me to change it and I forgot!!!! My B!!! Fixing it now!!! :) :) :)