Wednesday, August 18, 2010

25th Wedding Anniversary

My Auntie Pam and Uncle Mark celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary this Saturday.
 They cut their anniversary cake and had a dance with his mom and her dad...
It was a great day for family pictures. :)
That's P and M's 3...Mikey, Jackie and Manda :)
 And here's my Dad with his SEVEN brothers and sisters :)
My cousins, Amanda and Jackie planned the party and they did a great job. :)
We all had an amazing time celebrating a beautiful marriage...
Pam and Mark have a marriage I admire and
I can only hope that Kenny and I will see our love mature and grow the way that theirs has. <3
We danced the night away!! :)
Even Mimi!!
Oh! What a night!! :) :) :)


  1. so sweet. i like reading about your fun family adventures :)

  2. I just love being include in your family, through pictures! Twenty Five is a mile stone and I think you and Kenny with be there!
    PS, love your dress!